We are passionate about design and technology. As a group of design professionals, we use this passion to generate web products that improve and simplify the way users perceive and interact with online content. We look for efficiency and simplicity in our day-to-day lives and apply those same principles to creating online media. SOMOS's mission is to eliminate all types of barriers that prevent designers and developers from seeing the real answers, masked by economical constraints. The idea is to establish client relationships to create innovative online experiences for companies that believe design and evolving technologies are important resources to achieving their business goals.


  • Create valuable online experiences.
  • Generate results that are innovative and exciting, even the smallest of projects.
  • Push our capabilities to create outside-of-the-box thinking resulting in optimal solutions.
  • Use relevant technologies—Drupal, Flash, video and more.
  • Establish collaborative relationships with our clients: think of us as your design partner.
  • Keep learning - we are constantly educating ourselves about new technologies and design, so we can keep you up to date on the latest trends.


Each project has different requirements that need to be discussed and studied individually. Our process generally has 4 phases:

Research starts with exploration, discovering the story behind our problem, researching and gathering as much information so we are immerse in this project to a great extent that we are able to formulate answers to the original problem.

Conceptualizing. It’s the idea generation, and it’s the most fun. Brainstorming and breaking out of original limitations, we convey inspiring ideas that just might give us the solution you are aiming for. Then we walk you through the concept in a presentation, and together we decide which direction will meet your goals.

Execution. It is important to use precise tools to build the product; which software and development tools we use affects the quality of the prototype. During the test prototyping process we begin to experience a sense of harmony, and once we have the outcome of this phase we proceed to refine the product and make it appropriate for your audience and overall project requirements.

Refinement is the final step. Now the product needs to be cleaned up and polished to perfection. Usability testing gives us the feedback we need to perfect it until we are certain it is working to its highest level of efficiently. The final product will have visual balance, contrast, correct functionality and an intuitive connection with the user. It should be so relevant, that it creates a statement. Part of understanding this process is also acknowledging the fact that every project can continue to evolve along this path.