Web Design

Your website is your company presence on the Internet; it communicates what kind of business you have, your image brand and how customers will relate directly to your products. This channel is a significant tool for your business, since it’s in charge of engaging your customers with your product. A good website will interact with your clients and give them clear information, while a bad website can make your audience walk away.

People respond positively to good design as their eyes are attracted to balanced structures. Good design registers in people’s brains as something strong, confident and worth looking at further. All of this can be achieved trough color balance, structured layouts, the right images, and typography among other design elements. Your company deserves to have a website that’s not only functional but also has an inspiring design.

At SOMOS we produce visually outstanding websites. Each project is taken individually and after a very careful study we produce layouts that speak the company language in a stylish way. We produce not only beautiful websites, but also efficient from the usability point of view.
We design:

Informational websites
Product Micro sites
E-commerce web sites
Online Newspapers
Personal websites
Portafolio websites

Web Developement

Once the design process is done, our expert developers implement the products using current technologies such as: Drupal, Flash, Javascript, XML, PHP, MYSQL, Linux, video, sound editing tools, and others as necessary.

The advantage of working with SOMOS:

Intuitive web interfaces
- Efficient web navigation
- Dynamic interactive content

Flash design and development
- Microsites
- Marketing materials/Banner ads
- Video

In-house site content administration with CMS Implementing
- Edit and post content in your website without HTML knowledge
- Upload images and files without FTP
- Publish your site in different languages.

Search Engine Friendly
- We create clean urls for your content
"http://www.example.com/shop/shoes" instead of "http://www.example.com/?section=shop&category=shoes"
- Simple metatag editing for all the content
- Unattended sitemap generation and submission
- Google analytics reporting

- Sales download, content subscription
- Secure payment gateways: paypal, google checkout
- Stock tracking
- Shipping quotes: integration with UPS, FedEx, USPS.
- Customizable product catalog

- SPAM protection
- Advanced form creation and administration
- Complete newsletter tools with no fees
- Advanced user communities: user registration / forums / collaborative content creation
- Original RSS feeds

Online Branding

SOMOS will communicate the personality of your company. What do you want to tell to your clients with your image? We ask you this question, then we research and present you ideas for your brand strategy. Together we discuss which one is the best fit for your business and then SOMOS will consolidate your brand identity creating several materials like:

Color schemes
Web site style guides for in house updates

Art Direction

SOMOS generates concepts for online products, we not only provide you with ideas, we can also execute them; our creative team will produce compelling virtual and material experiences to engage your audience.

Online marketing materials
Banner ads
Mobile device applications
Sound Design


SOMOS will communicate your brand and help you reach project goals via video. We provide conception and implementation of video technologies as podcasts, music videos, tutorials, demos, product showcases.